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Honeygain Sell your excessive internet 5GB=1$ [5$ FREE ON SIGNUP!!]




What is Honeygain ?

Honeygain is an app that you can install on your computer (Windows and MacOS) or Android phone and it uses your internet data to run various queries for their clients. The company lets other businesses use their network to gather data and market research.


How Much Can I Earn with Honeygain?

you get paid based on how much internet they use – not how much internet you use.
The current rate for Default Network Sharing is 1 credit for 10 MB of traffic that goes through your network and 10 GB = $1 USD. This means that each credit is worth a penny.
They also have a “content delivery” service where you earn 6 credits for every hour Content Delivery is active and running (not “in queue”).
Your dashboard will update with how much you’ve earned.


Minimum Payout and payment

The minimum payout amount is $20. There is no upper limit towards the sum requested, meaning that you can collect as much money as you wish (upwards from $20) before requesting a payout. Currently, there are two payout methods available – PayPal and Bitcoin (BTC), it takes 2-3 business days for payments to be complete

how to start earning ?

  1. create an account at honeygain & verify your email
  2. Download honey again app Windows – Android – MacOS
  3. keep the app running in the background
  4. You can run honeygain apps on 3 devices
  5. invite your friends to maximize the revenue

Maximize your revenue

Honeygain Referral Program

When you refer people to Honeygain, you get 10% of what they earn.


Claim Daily Bonus


By making a daily conscious effort to visit your HoneyGain app (mobile) or HoneyGain Dashboard (computer), you will be presented with a small pop-up notification box that offers you a chance to open the Honey Jar.


Opening the Honey Jar allows you to win daily free credits and trying your luck to receive up to 100 credits a day.

Claiming that daily free bonus will add to your overall account balance.

24/7 Running in the Background

The longer we allow HoneyGain to run on our devices, the higher the chances of more profits we may earn.

Mobile devices are typically operating 24/7 and should not be an issue here. 

To maximise earning potentials, consider letting your computer (Windows/Mac/Linux) to be running for as long as you can.


How to Create account at Honeygain?

  1. First, open up your web browser of choice. We will be using Safari on macOS, but the registration steps are the same on all platforms.
  2. Navigate to https://dashboard.honeygain.com/

  3. Click on Sign Up. You will be greeted with the super simple registration form. Enter your email, create a secure password and click on Sign up. If you have a coupon code, you can redeem it by clicking on the “Redeem coupon code”. Note, you will not be able to redeem the coupon code after the registration. Once you’ve entered the required information, click again on Sign up.
  4. Once you Signed up, you will be greeted with a Dashboard, which is going to be quite empty at first, but once you set up Honeygain application on your device and start earning, it’s going to show you how the bees are doing and how much you’ve earned.

How to verify your email?

  1. You might notice that under the “Current balance”, it asks you to confirm your email address. So let’s do that. Click on the “Confirm email” button. It’s then going to say at the bottom right corner that the confirmation email was sent.
    1. Open up your email. You will find an email named “Please verify your email”. Open it and click on the “Verify email” button.
  2. After that, it’s going to say at the bottom right corner that your email was successfully verified and confirmed. 

    Note: If it says that the confirmation was unsuccessful or asks you again to verify your email, even if you have just verified it, simply log out from Dashboard and log in. 

How to install Honeygain on Windows

  1. First, navigate to www.honeygain.com and download our application for Windows.
  2. After the download finishes, open the Installer. On some web browsers, it might open Installer after the download is finished automatically. 
  3. Once Installation Wizards starts up, click Next and follow with the installation steps.
  4. It is very important that you read through our Terms of Use. Please read through the Terms of Use. After that, check ” I accept the terms in the License Agreement”, click Next and follow the Honeygain Setup wizard steps.
  5. After the installation is complete, Install Wizard will automatically open the Honeygain application for you. You will be asked to either sign in to your account or to sign up for a new account in case you do not have an account with us yet. 

    After you sign in, you will be able to find the Honeygain application in the taskbar.

How to install Honeygain on Android

  1. While there is no Honeygain application on the Google Play Store (you can read more about that here), we’ll need to download and install Honeygain manually, but fear not, it is a super easy process. Navigate to www.honeygain.com and download our application for Android.
  2. Certain web browsers will warn you that Honeygain might harm your device, but fear not, as our application will definitely not harm your device. We simply do not have an intent for that. This warning is a standard warning displayed on Android devices when you attempt to download an .apk file.
  3. After the download is done, click Open. 
  4. If you have never downloaded and installed .APK from the internet other than Google Play Store, you will be greeted with this message. It is basically asking if you approve that your web browser installs an application from the internet. Click on Settings. 
  5. Allow the installation from your web browser.
  6. After that, you will be asked if you want to install Honeygain. Click Install and wait for the installation to finish. 
      Screenshot_1598531993.png   Screenshot_1598532000.png
  7. That’s it! You’ve successfully installed the Honeygain application on your Android device. You can click on How Honeygain works for a simple explanation on how this application works, or if you already understand how it works, just tap on Skip introduction.
  8. Click on Sign up and sign in if you have an account with us, and if you don’t, you can sign up for a new one.
  9. You will be able to see how much you’ve earned today and in total in the Notification bar.

Turn off Mobile Battery Optimization on Mobile devices

Android has a Battery Optimization function in its operating system that helps to save battery’s life. 

While this function appeals to many of us, it is actually a hindrance to HoneyGain app. 

After a certain amount of time, Android will auto-shutoff the background processing of HoneyGain if the app has not been opened for a while. 

To ensure HoneyGain constantly runs in the background, turn off Battery Optimization in your Settings.


How to install Honeygain on macOS

  1. Open Mac App Store or simply click here.
  2. Search of Honeygain, or if you clicked on the link, the Honeygain Mac App Store page will appear. Click on Get, and then Install. Since Honeygain is already owned on this Apple account, we will click on Download and then Open.
  3. You will be greeted with our Terms of Use. Please read through them, and click on ‘I agree’ only if you do agree with them. 
  4. That’s it! You’ve successfully installed the Honeygain application on your macOS device. You can click on How Honeygain works for a simple explanation on how this application works, or if you already understand how it works, just tap on Skip introduction.
  5. We highly suggest enabling the ‘Launch on startup feature’. This will allow our application to start every time you restart your macOS device. Click on Start after that. 
  6. Click on Log in or Sign up if you don’t have an account with us. 


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